Any good profitable strategies on Ichimoku clouds?

any good profitable strategies on Ichimoku clouds?

cloud crossover after the price has been consolidating near the cloud can be a good strategy

Also close above the green cloud have often given profitable long signals. Any views? Have you backtested any strategy in this regard?

Rising and falling cloud can be used.

yeah, you can modify it as per your style

Hi, can you help in creating a strategy, where the cloud is green and the conversion line is higher than base line.

Which cloud you want? The current or the one that is forming ahead.

thanks a lot. Will try this out.

The Current cloud should be green,.

how to access the cloud which is forming ahead?

i think by keeping the continous setting as “Yes”

To refer the future cloud values shift setting should be set to “No” and for current cloud values the shift should be set to “Yes”.

Please cross check once after implementing your conditions.

Ohhhh the cloud shift option! understood now. thank youu guys!

For green cloud it shall be leading span a higher than leading span b.

what’s the max period upto which I can backtest?