Auto trade on Streak review

Have any body doing auto trading using Streak?
Like i have been backtesting alot but haven’t tried auto trade. Wanted to know about any repercussions before deploying for auto trade.

been doing it for a while. Didn’t face any issues as such. It’s awesome to be honest

Which broker are you using in integration to execute your orders?

I am using Binance with Streak world

Is it smooth? Like any slippage or hidden charges?

Apart from binance any other broker they have that you can suggest?

yeah slippage can occur during high volatility but its not a regular issue.

I will open a account with the same broker and give it a try by integrating with Streak .

yeah, that should work!!!

i tihink i should try it

Tried automated buy/sell for testing purpose on streak and it worked amazing👍

been using it for a while. works well for me.

I’m using streak world since last 1 year for auto trading in cryptos. It works smoothly.

I am getting all pumped up now to deploy my strategies in live market for auto trading in bulk.

alll the very best man!!!Let us know your reviews

On which crypto do you generally trade?

Btc most of the time

how has been this week guys? any issue faced by you ppl? Sometimes LTP flickers but gets resolved by hard refresh

Working fine for me.
Just cross check your internet speed once.