Bitcoin is booming!

Where is bitcoin heading? Any body can give me some tips to create good strategies on bitcoin?
Some special points to keep in mind like that while creating?

can be good to scalp over here as volatility is high! something as basic as below, you can try it

or just follow Musks tweets :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha , i think there should be a special backtesting option for musk’s tweet🤣 effects on markets and crypto prices.

Have you Backtested or deployed this strategy, if yes then what kind of results did you get. Also, I think following Musk’s Tweet would yield good results. :joy:

I would try your given strategy soon on some crytops and stocks.

what’s your target and SL for bitcoin

Have no target or stop loss as such. Just trying different combinations by backtesting.

Have been using Streak from few months for systematic approach so that i can remove my emotions and have a disciplined approach towards my trading. In long run this approach is a lot beneficial.

I feel like you can try creating short-term momentum trading strategies using momentum indicators like supertrend and ADX. But any wild move can kill you :slight_smile: so put your stop loss cautiously.