BTCUSD downtrend?

Is BTCUSD in downtrend? I am not able to use proper indicators to understand about the on going trend while back-testing.

just use Moving averages to find the trend! if below 50 ema its downtrend if aboive it is uptrend! Simple:)

Moving average cross overs I was using but getting many false signals as well while backtesting.

can any one help to add Adx with Moving average in Streak?

to avoid false signals try to trade in trending markets! this can be identified with momentum indciators or choppiness indicator

can you share some back-tested strategy only for example purpose.

which indicators you understand and like to use?
let me know will try to create with that

Adx I like manually but not able to implement correctly on the platform.

btcusd crashing, what do you think?