Can we create spreads?

is creating and identifying spreads possible in Streak? i want to find the Spread between the Current month and next month future contracts, if more than 1 % i want to Buy current month and Short next month contract

Might be tough to do, but great idea this is.
I will check and try to do this. Will let you know.

In Streak world? No. I don’t think the platform supports opt contracts

hey @Wizard1819 i am looking for spreads on Future contracts and not on options

Yes, it can be done. But I’m not sure whether streak supports Coin-M contracts

Oh…my bad…i guess yes but can anyone guide how to create one!!!

If % wise, then I think yes. But not on the basis of points.

can you share and example for %wise spreads?

What do you mean by %wise spreads?

like if % spread is of 0.5%
buy and sell the contarcts. near expiry i will earn that spread

Yes, you can use the below-mentioned syntax.

hey, why is the symbol blank ??

I erased it, to avoid confusion so that the main focus is on the logic.