Heikin ashi for trend analysis

Is heikin ashi better than candlestick in understanding the trend?

somewhat yes as it removes the noise but I prefer using candlesticks

Yes, It ignores the unnecessary small price movements which are nothing but noise. However, the drawback is that the price may have moved a lot before you get the signal of a trend reversal, in short it is lagging in nature.

So how can i use it in my trading to improve my trading? Any suggestions?

trade with trend my friend

Try using it with Supertrend or Moving averages. It works well when combined. Also, you can adjust the time frame and other parameters to adjust and keep it parallel with your risk appetite.

Yes i tried the same , just working out different combinations of sl , tp and time frames. If i find something good out of it i will surely post it for you as well.

i find that whenever a doji is formed in heikin ashi after a downtrend and then a green candle is formed without any lower wick, the probability of an upmove is high!

you guys can backtest the strategy as well

Its subjective and depends on the price movement. I feel like charts seen in higher timeframes always helps in understanding the trend. However, You should figure out on our own which chart-type is better for trend analysis.