How can I create cup and handle pattern?

How can I create cup and handle pattern ?

I think i can make the handle if someone can just form the cup

Any specific indicator requirement for creating this pattern? Like moving average or with candle-sticks only?

I want to create it on price chart

Can someone please help to create this pattern ?? Want to create different patterns on streak

yeah sounds interesting!!! Want to look at the codes of it…hope someone posts it soon !!

Yes, even I am looking for the same.

can you show how you can form the cup?

I am also looking for the same.

anyone able to crack this one?

i was finally able to create the cup!! handle i manually track, lol

What logic have you implemented can you explain?

I tried thinking of different ways but still was not able to figure out the logic used.

its just marking lows in a particular range

like low between -1 and -20 candle in is 1% rangge

same with -21 to -31 candle

this will allow to create a Base / Rounding pattern. which is like a CUP

Ok ,got some part of it. Will try to understand and process it fully now.


let me know if you figure out how to make the “handle” as well

handle seems to be tough, issue i faced while creating is that i was focused on creating handle first rather than focusing on the cup pattern.