How to Create NR7- Breakout scanner on Streak

How to Create NR7- Breakout scanner on Streak

this is already there on their discover page i referred to it from there only

What does this mean, like what does NR7 mean?

NR 7 means Narrow Range 7 i.e basically the current day high and low range is lower than the previous 6 days high and low range. Correct me if I m wrong.

So basically it is used to trade breakouts?

yeah somewhat but guess volume plays a v v important role

breakout should be with good volume support you mean to say?

how to find NR7 on weekly time frame?

Here you go mate, refer this.

ohh using Multi timeframe!
this makes the job very easy
thanks @WannaBeTRADER

Did it work as per your expectation ?

Yes it did! thanks a lot

can you help me to make VCP pattern i.e volatility contraction pattern ?

i have no idea about the above pattern, can you share details of it.