Price taking support on 200 day SMA

How to identify stocks which are taking support on 200 day SMA?

Can the scanner alert me whenever a stock is taking support? please guide

Thank you! it helps.

Hope this helps.

How to write if we want price crosses above the previous 37 candle high?

You can try this.

Thank you, this can help me.

how I can find the stocks before meeting the criteria such as crossoovers 50-200days EMA etc.

Once it meets the criteria, there is no point buying it will lead to loss.

can you explain a bit more as it might contain look ahead bias.

something like, crossover is about to happen.

ema 50 and 200 difference is decreasing and 50 was below 200. so possibility of going up. then i can deploy a crossover strateyg. this way i can save on some deploy counts :slight_smile:

Not sure but please try and correct it.

wow, this works wonderfully! thanks a lot

Did you cross check the results?