What is strategy cyle?

what is strategy cyle?Was just curious to know

Its a complete trade like
1 entry plus its exit is 1 trade cycle. Now this exit can be due to sl or target or your exit condition.

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What if my exit is not triggered and entry is met again? Can i accumulate more quantity?

thank you for the response. Much appreciated !!

can i add extend my buy position to a sell position and vice versa… is this possible in streak?

1 Strategy cycle is nothing but 1 entry and 1 exit.

Is it possible to trade in a loop? Like when my exit conditions are met, it should exit the current position and enter a new short position at the same time.

can this be done on streak ?

No, I think Long-Short trade strategy is not possible in Streak as of now. However, you can create a separate short strategy, which would open a new position as soon as your long side trade exit conditions are met.

What is maximum Strategy cycle allowed?

5 If I am not wrong.

yes, you are right…

any chance to increase it to 10 or 20 ?

Write it to their support team , they might consider your request for increasing the strategy cycles and work on it.

I think it is already 20 as of now.