Which is better? Intraday or Long term investing? Any views!

which is better? Intraday or Long term investing? Any views !!!

Depends on your trading setup, risk management and expected returns.

I feel it majorly depends on the psychology of the person. If you emotionally not affected by your open position then you can do Intraday, If not you should probably go for investing! thats what I feel

LONG TERM is very safe and good for passive investor, who cannot track markets on daily basis.

which style do you prefer?

As @TechincalTrader trader said it depends on the psychology of a person that is true.
I prefer intraday as i am not that kind of person who can hold a overnight position in the market ,i like to stay maximum for some hours in the trade so i have accordingly designed my setup.

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Intraday for pocket money longterm for wealth

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any particular indicator or strategy which you would like to suggest?

moving averages can be used for both investing and trading i guess if used properly.

Best way to find out is, by practically doing it and analyzing your own behavior, as to whether you are comfortable in intraday or long term positions.

which time period of MA you are suggest?

I agree with @Dragonfly ,you should try experimenting from your end by backtesting standard moving averages like 20,50 ,200 on different time frame and check the results. It will give be more confidence @Wizard1819

thanks for the reply. How to reduce drawdowns?

Basic is keeping a strict SL, which can reduce your Losses

You can reduce drawdown by making adjustments in your strategies.

any specific suggestion or tips you can give ? It would be very helpful !!!

Try considering volume analysis to your trading👍

Refer charts and then do some trial and error based on different trading ideas and indicators.

Hope this helps.

Anyone having a good strategy for intraday??

It depends. In my view, you should always prefer long term investing. It will give you handsome returns for sure.